Wood Anemones


If you asked me to name my favourite bird you would be unlikely to get the same answer twice.  At the moment I am waiting for the arrival of the first swallow, so that would probably be high on my list but, when I see a barn owl it raises hairs on the back of my neck, the flash of a kingfisher always leaves me elated, and I never tire of watching a kestrel hovering in the wind.  It goes on …

Ask me my favourite wild flower and there is no hesitation, the wood anemone. We are rightly famous for our bluebells, and Wordsworth waxed lyrical about daffodils, but from the moment I first saw anemones in Towerhouse Wood I was enchanted by the shy, star like blossoms, sometimes flushed with pink, that began to appear above delicate ferny foliage in early March.  They are at their best now, but the bluebells are already beginning to flower, so soon they will fade into the background, overshadowed by their more colourful neighbours.

For those of you not lucky enough to have an ancient wood with anemones on your doorstep I hope these photographs encourage you to go further afield to seek them out for yourselves.


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