First Frost

Looking past the riverside oak to the fishing lakes

It’s been a strange autumn.  Until fairly recently the trees in the woods and by the river have stayed resolutely green.  Now at last,  they are beginning to show their seasonal tints of yellow and brown.

The first frost was late this year but it had been so mild that when it came it took me by surprise.  I love cold crisp mornings  so I was out of the house with dog and camera in record time.

It was just after sunrise when I approached the river.  Mist was rising from the fishing lakes and the sunlight was filtered through thin cloud.  Overnight the valley had been transformed  into a scene of ethereal beauty.

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Sadly there’s a cloud on the horizon, pressure for extra housing has led to proposals that the land between the town and the river should be taken out of the greenbelt and used for development.  I’m hoping it never happens …



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